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UK Tür 1Here we share a fresh new picture that illustrates how nice the VEIU looks even on older doors. This beautiful wooden door has surly seen a lot. And if it could talk would tell you stories …

The nice tone of blue gives it a particular touch and you see it survived well the UK weather. And with the smart video doorbell that fits well to the overall appearance this great door becomes even smart, with a doorbell that includes a camera, intercom, motion detection and night vision. And it installs cable less which for a door and the older house where it finds itself.

We like it, hope you, too. And send us your door pics either with a VEIU or we illustrate how it could look.

Greetings from the VEIU team

Grafik Veiu Türspion V2 ACAlarming trend - less and less door viewers in the U.K.
Door and window manufacturers and fitters notice that fewer and fewer people have their new front door equipped with a door viewer. There are no actual reasons for this trend – at the root of it there may be a lack of awareness about the risks, combined with fashion preferences.
This is alarming because this reality contrasts with the advice given by e.g. insurance companies and the British Home Office – door viewing devices of various technical standards are considered an appropriate security feature.

How a door viewer will help secure your home
Simple door peepholes should be standard features. They combine low cost and easy installation. And despite their technical simplicity they already add a considerable amount of safety to your home.
Thanks to the small devices you can see who is in front of your door. You do not take a risk opening your door to persons unknown. As it has been designed for this task, it is much better than trying to identify the person outside through e.g. ornament glass.
Being able to view visitors before giving them access to the home is more than a luxury. In many areas it is a necessary and a welcome addition to home security.

"We believe that the intelligent doorbell VEIU has interesting features to distinguish itself in a sustainable and positive way and is a great replacement of conventional door viewers," Arnbjörn Eggerz.

Recommended protection by the Home Office and insurers
Thus, it is no surprise the British Home office, as well as the Association of British Insurers, recommends the fitting of door viewers. The ABI states for example that „good security measures complement your insurance cover by giving you peace of mind, knowing your home is well protected.“ The use of spy holes or intelligent door viewers is part of a list of eight recommendations, on a par with the installation of security locks, bars and door chains, for protecting properties against burglaries and other crimes.

A new generation of door viewer takes out the pain points
On the other hand, conventional peepholes have some hassle in the daily use. They do not give you a complete and perfect view of whoever is outside. The viewing space of the lens is usually rather limited, even when it is advertised as a wide-angle device. Besides, when you use a peephole, the person outside can see that someone is inside, taking a look at them. You cannot very well pretend to be out when your visitor sees the lens darkening.

Also, the positioning of the door spy at the door makes it often hard for people to use it. You need to press your eye on the door spy and some users must take uncomfortable positions to look through.
Another disadvantage is that you actually have to get up and go to the door. Especially for the elderly this is often inconvenient and may even prove dangerous – should they forget to check the peephole and spontaneously open the door, e.g. due to the “guest” ringing at the door again and again.

An intelligent device makes life safer – and more convenient

A digital door viewer takes care of these inconvenience and risks. A digital door viewer might be a bit costlier than the conventional peephole, but in the long run it proves much more convenient, easy to handle. But why should you stop here when you can immediately upgrade to a smart video doorbell to be installed in the peephole?
And of course, it comes with lots of additional sTür quadrat2mart features. For example, a smart doorbell camera gives you a much better view, thanks to wide angle technology, and allows you to check out visitors comfortably on your smartphone – even when you are away from home.

Install VEIU instead of a door spy - Many advantages at a competitive price
The intelligent doorbell VEIU has all the interesting features to prove as the better choice. First it is easily installed in the hole for the door spy. Its monitor gives the full functionality of a digital door spy. But in addition, the VEIU is equipped with a camera, motion sensor, microphone and speakers. In other words, it turns the smartphone into an intercom in your pocket and offers a wide range of options!

In addition to the above-mentioned features just check the following outstanding features also included:
Child- and senior-friendly because it works with or/and without a smartphone
• The rechargeable battery allows for installation without cable
Wide-angle lens showing everything outdoors at an angle of 180 °
• Compatible with Android & iOS, allowing users to talk to visitors using the smartphone app even when they are away from home
Night vision providing a clear picture day and night
• Automatic motion detection of people outside with picture or video recording for security you can turn on/off.

This means VEIU is extremely flexible and at the same time offering safety and user comfort. It should be emphasized that the doorbell VEIU does not include a paid cloud service. Images are stored either directly on the integrated Micro SD card or on the memory of the smartphone.
Though it is less often mentioned, one of the big advantages of the VEIU is the touchscreen on the inside of the door. So, most of the benefits of VEIU are available even if the WLAN should fail, or in the event of a power outage!

Clearly an outstanding product that – in combination with appropriate door locks – greatly enhances the security at home thanks to the wide angle viewing and motion detection features.

Tür quadratHere comes another beautiful picture of a UK front door. We love the red that combines well with the colours of the house and the tree.
The video doorbell in copper fits very well in the overall appearance and we think you can spot the difference to the old doorbell (left white) that is still installed.
Not to forget that the VEIU is a full upgrade to your doorbell coming with a monitor (inside), an motion sensor, a camera and an intercom in your pocket.

woman 586185 1920Who doesn’t know this situation? After a long week, you are looking forward to a cozy evening with friends at home.  Everything is already prepared. Now, all you need for a perfect start is a quick shower. But unfortunately, all took a bit longer than thought- as always.

I am terribly late, hoping the girls will come later, too. But there it rings! Stress, my brain signals. But hey - now I can connect directly to my doorbell on my mobile phone with the Smart Video Doorbell VEIU.
All I have to do is to tell my guests that it just takes a moment longer. In the meantime, I can get dressed. Much better than getting quickly in the bathrobe, down to the door, shouting through to the guests, they should wait and all the way back to the bathroom … as I had to do in the past.

That I call a VEIU moment.

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 13:02

The smart video doorbell VEIU is coming to the UK

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This was announced by the managing director of Gebrüder Eggerz UG (haftungsbeschränkt) & Co.KG this morning. As of now, pre-orders are possible with attractive conditions.Die Videotürklingel VEIU Bilder von Gebrüder EggerzEquesHome

The intelligent video doorbell VEIU – a flexible product that is in the trend of the time.

Intelligent doorbells have been a hot topic for quite some time. A trend latest fuelling up with the launch of the video doorbell of a well-known American manufacturer this year in Europe. However, according to the opinion of the managing directors of Gebrüder Eggerz, until now a product was missing that offers the greatest possible flexibility for the end customer.
The features the video doorbell VEIU ( offers provide exactly this flexibility and a mixture of safety and comfort. The smart doorbell VEIU is distinguished by the numerous technical features including the monitor. In addition to the classic bell button, VEIU is equipped with a camera, motion sensor, microphone and loudspeaker. Thus, the smartphone becomes the video intercom system in your pocket. Then the various option making the use easy for everyone have to be named:

The first feature among many is that the end user has the choice, whether he wants to use the door handle with the monitor or with the app. This means it is the customer’s decision whether he wants to integrate the doorbell into the home WiFi or not. Thanks to this dual mode, VEIU is also suitable for users of all ages, from children to senior citizens.

Then the installation is easy. The fitting can be done in 5 minutes, even by a layman. It is also not necessary to install a cable. The device works with a battery.

In particular, it should be emphasized that the doorbell VEIU does not include a fee-based cloud service. The images from the snapshot function are either stored directly on the integrated Micro SD card or on the memory of the smartphone.

A smart doorbell with video and the right mix of comfort and security

“We think the intelligent doorbell VEIU has interesting features to distinguish itself strongly from other competitors in a positive way,” says Arnbjörn Eggerz, managing director of the company “and is made for our target group – the conscious consumer who wants to be more in control of their data and the way they can use a product.?

All of these advantages are reasons that made it an easy decision for us to take over the distribution in UK, Germany and Europe respectively for the Silicon Valley-based producer Eques. Another telling fact is that the goal of the Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign run by the manufacturer for the development of the doorbell was very successful. It exceeded the goal several times and attracted financing by over a thousand supporters. In addition, the producer also showed with the campaigns to choose innovative ways of product development and it is in sync with market demands.

The little brother: VEIU Mini

Since not every front door is of the same size and material, there is also a smaller brother of VEIU, the VEIU Mini. This doorbell is equipped with the same basic functions, but is supplied with a different configuration. The monitor is smaller, the resolution slightly lower and also the battery is not as strong as VEIU’s. Yet, a good alternative for customers with different requirements and door sizes.

A special offer around the UK launch